Reasons to Choose Rent.

Reach quality home seekers

Reach highly qualified renters by accessing close to 50 million in-market home seekers with our network of marketplaces: ,,, and

Fill vacancies faster

Find the most qualified renters fast as your property is automatically listed on the Rent. marketplace network.

New Leads

Accept online applications

Collect all the information needed to properly evaluate candidates: employment & income, residence history, personal information, and more.

Screen your future tenants

Get instant access to tenant screening reports with a prospective tenant’s credit report and score, criminal background check and rental eviction-related proceedings.

Quality Renters New Leads Screening

List Your Rental Property

New Leads

List your rental property

Post your rental property to reach millions of potential renters. Customize your listing using property video tours so renters can virtually see all your home has to offer without leaving their homes.

New Leads

Screen potential tenants for FREE

You can add digital applications and tenant screening to your listing, both free services for you (tenants pay to be screened). We make it easy to setup these services after completing your listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my listing?

  • Click “Get Started” or “List Property” to begin creating your listing.
  • All you need is basic information on your property and the rent you want to collect.
  • Be sure to have photos of your property available as well. The more information you provide, the more likely a renter will find your listing.
  • You can preview your listing prior to posting.

How do I find a qualified renter fast?

One of the benefits of using is that, your placement in our search results is determined by many factors including the quality of property details provided for the listing. The more details, photos and amenities details you show, the higher your property placement. Other websites automatically sort listings by how recently they were posted. This can result in leads at first, but quickly your property is pushed down in the results and you see fewer leads. Your listing will automatically be posted to, and, in addition to This will help get your property to as many prospective renters as possible.

How soon will I find a renter?

We cannot make any guarantees on how well your property will perform. Often this is dictated by elements out of our control such as rent amount, location, property condition, etc. However, listings on, on average, are live for no longer than one month.

How will renters get in touch with me about my property?

Renters will be able to contact you in two ways. Renters can complete short inquiry form which will be delivered to you as an email. These leads will also be shown in your dashboard for your listings. In addition, renters can call you. To protect your privacy, we never show your real phone number online. Instead, we use a generated phone number for your listings. All calls to this number are forwarded to your real number while also protecting your privacy.

How can I manage all of the leads to my listing(s)?

Within your dashboard, we provide you with numerous reports that you can use to view all of the leads you have received on your properties. You can view lead and impression related data, providing insights on how well your properties are performing. Our reports are available for all landlords, regardless of the number of listings you have (i.e., one listing or thousands).

How can I manage and edit my listing?

Within your dashboard, you can easily make updates or changes to your listing(s). For example, adding photos to any of your listings or changing other information.

What should I do with my listing after I find a renter?

Once you find a renter, you can easily deactivate your listing, at which point, your property will no longer appear in searches and your property URL will no longer be accessible. If your property becomes available again, you can just as easily reactivate your listing.

What if I have at least 5 vacancies at a time? What is the best way for me to post my listings on

Please email us at or call us at 866-730-7177. We will discuss options customized to your specific needs.